Karl Allmenröder dissertation
Karl Allmenröder have done research about what really happend that October night.
Making for Sweden, Case 219
A shorter description of the accident, written by Bo Widfeldt and Rolph Wegmann.
The funeral in Malmö
Information about the funeral act November 1, 1944, when the six airmen were buried in Malmö.
Eye witness: Ruth Andersson
Ruth Andersson, who was the first one on the site, tells her memories from the night of the crash.
Swedish military daily report
Official report over observations the day of the accident.
The Report of Aircraft Accident
This is the Report of Aircraft Accident from the US army air forces.
The speech October 20, 1984
This is the speech that the priest Eckerdahl gave at the ceremony forty years after the accident.
The ceremony October 20, 2009
65 years after the crash a memorial was held at the monument and in Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

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